The Blue Guy Creative


It’s simple. My job is to help you
identify, develop and communicate
your complex brand identity in an
engaging, straightforward and
easy-to-understand way.


Twisting the dials and “growing smarter,”
on every project. Concentrating focus on your brand. Customer perception, market trends and what makes you, YOU.


Anyone can "point and click". My approach is simple, "Think out-of-the-box". Your image starts with the right photo.


I have an extensive portfolio of award winning projects I have created over the years.


My creative process is driven by
information gained from you and
then taken to the next level. Each step
is an evolution of concept and design.


Once a concept is chosen I get down to business, making any client edits or refinements. I will walk you through each step of what it takes to make your refined.

Are you looking for the right person
to take you to the next level?