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I realized at a young age I had a different eye and way at looking at things. My parents thought it was unusual for a young boy who would rather draw than go outside and play. I was that guy in high school who would win all the “blue ribbons” from art class and had my stuff hanging on walls throughout the school.

I also had a passion for baseball. I played ball during high school (catcher) and received a scholarship to play ball at the University of Akron. Art was put on the back-burner because I was sure I was going to the big leagues. As fate would have it, I had a horrific motorcycle accident during my senior year and my baseball career was over. I majored in graphic design so I concentrated all my efforts to receive great grades and the degree I was seeking.

Once graduated, I headed to Houston, a boom town in the late 70s. I immediately began freelancing with a couple of large ad agencies as a designer. After freelancing for over 8 years in the Texas market, I heard the Olympic Games were going to be held in Atlanta in 1996 so, I put some feelers out, moved to Atlanta and began doing creative for the United States Olympic Committee.

When that relationship concluded, I opened a small creative boutique in Atlanta where through contacts I obtained during my relationship with the Olympics, began work with clients from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

As my firm grew, so did my thirst to stay up with design trends. I knew if I was to compete with the “big boys”, I needed to stay ahead of them. I hired a couple of designers to help with the work load, invested into state-of-the-art Apple computers, continually added to and updated software, enrolled into as many off campus programs to extend my education in design techniques, photography techniques, website trends and marketing strategies.

The firm started receiving recognition for our efforts. It seems as if every design competition we entered, we won something! It was a great feeling to be recognized and receive accolades from our friends and peers.

My career has come full circle. The economy of the latter half of the first decade really took it’s toll. My firm lost a few major accounts due to the downturn and I was forced to lay off my staff which led me back into the freelance world.

That’s OK! It’s given me an opportunity to do what I do best....create! I’d love to create something for you!

Creative Image is Everything!
Websites If I build it, they will come!
Photography A great photo speaks volumes!
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Steve Porter

Founder | Creative Director

I believe that strategy and design are inseparable. That’s why
I approach every design challenge from a strategic angle, utilizing
insights from research and envisioning problems and solutions from multiple viewpoints to help communicate a brand’s vision, purpose, and story. As a strategic creative director and designer, I aim to entice and delight the audience while also meeting core business objectives and bridging the gap between technology and
human experience.